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My Grandson has Molluscum contagiosum which is a skin infection that causes small flesh colored bumps. It is a virus which is formed on the skin. This usually clears up as he gets older, but in the meantime it is itchy and can be spread when he scratches them. We have tried everything and the only thing that has helped and even cleared them up is Anitaís Balm. I am now using this for my own dry skin. Thank you Anita for a really natural and great product.

Ilene OíS.



Ramblings of a Tattooed Mom Anita developed Anita's Balm to soothe the anguish of Eczema. Anita created the balm for her son and it help him to stay off of Eczema medicines! I admire her for all the hard work she put in to healing her sonís skin condition. So, I was excited to try out the balm and see how it would help with my daughter. We have used this for about a week and it has done wonders on her dry patches. The only thing she did not like was the smell but it is all organic being it is olive oil and beeswax.

Shannon T.


Anita developed Anita's Balm to soothe the anquish of Eczema. My nephew has Eczema and we try a lot of things. Yes they do work but his skin get is skin get used to it after a while it does not work. We have been putting this on his skin for about 2 weeks or so and we can see it does work. I have some dry spots on my face and my feet and it did work bit took a little long on my feet. I like that you can put this where you need it and it is going to work just the same. Overall I do like this and it does work. I wish we have had something like this from day one. If you have kids with Eczema or have dry skin. I say give it a try. Oh don't let me forget the packaging is absolutely adorable.

Michele L.


Dear Anita, Just a note to let you know that I absolutely love your products! I have had severe hand eczema for 13 years. it literally happened overnight, and, as you already know, became a nightmare. I have tried all the creams, ointments, steriod ointments, etc. nothing worked. Your Balm is so soothing, calming, moisturizing. It reduces the terrible itching. I also love the little biodegradable pot! Thank You for a wonderful, sanity saving, healing product!

Bonnie S.


Thank you for such an amazing rpoduct. We have ordered your product quite a fewe times. It's the only thing that can soothe my Daughter's skin and she loves the convenient size that she can take in her book bag to school. Continue to bless us with your amazing products!

Apryl G.


Thank you so much for creating an amazing product! We tried everything to help my daughter's eczema on her face. It was really bad. There were days she didn't want to go to school. Your product is a godsend. Her face has completely cleared up and she got her confidence back just in time for her 8th grade graduation.
Thank you!!!

Carmella B.


Hi Anita! I got my shipment super fast and it has worked well for my son. His eczema just wouldn't get better no matter what we tried but your balm calmed the redness completely and allowed the open spots to heal up. I want to thank you so much for emailing me of my shipment and pushing out such a great product. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Debney J.


I would like to say thank you for this hair balm, it has done wonders for the psoriasis on my scalp. I have only used it twice, but the difference and the relief has been amazing!!!

Courtney D.


Thank you again for making the trip to Macon. Iíve been using the balm since Friday afternoon and have already noticed a difference! I will definitely be making future purchases.

Melissa Lee, Daybreak Anchor NBC 41 News WGMT


Hello Anita, I hope you get this personal email. You are a godsend and this product is AMAZINGGGGG. I was about to get tired of dealing with my facial skin problems, its so embarrassing and irritable, again THANK YOU.

Brenda E.



I work in Kindergarten. I have been washing my hands so much this winter that they had become red, sore, cracked and bleeding. I started applying Anitaís Balm to the areas and within a couple of days they were healing and the problem was solved! I am using it daily now to keep my hands and cuticles in great shape! THANKS!

Ginger C.


It's actually for my husband. Not eczema but the skin on the top of his hands was severely damaged by a dermatologistís laser procedure it is very sensitive. He says it is making it feel much better than anything else we have tried, including Silvadene & Rx corticosteroids.

Terri McC.


Thank you so much for the sample in our Fresh Harvest Bin yesterday. I put some on my REALLY dry hands and cuticles and this morning, AMAZING!!! Love it! Thanks so much!

Ginger L.


Since we have been using your balm on my grandson, his skin has been healing quite nicely. My daughter prefers to use your product over the prescription ointment that she was given to use on him. He is still having minor outbreaks, but with the air being so dry at this time of year, we have come to expect it. He is certainly not suffering as badly as he usually does, which makes us very happy! We are definitely fans of Anita's Balm, and will be ordering more once we run out of our current supply!

Thank you so very much!

Paula H. and

Anita C. (daughter)


Hello. I just HAD to write and let you know how pleased I am with the products I purchased about a month ago after I saw a Facebook post from Fox 5 about your products. I purchased the hair balm, lip balm and the balm in a jar. I have psoriasis on my elbows and in my hair line. I have tried everything except the actual pill (can't remember the name). First let me say the jar balm is great. It hasn't cleared my elbows but has made them less flaky and red...much improvement. The lip balm is also very effective. The product I would like to jump up and down and kiss you about is the hair balm. WOW! After one use...yes one...the itchy, flaky nasty stuff was GONE! I am completely amazed. I use the hair balm about once a week to keep the psoriasis from coming back and so far so good. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Thank you so much! You have a lifetime customer here and I will spread the word. :)

Jan S.

There must be some Fairy God Mother that thinks that our household desperately needs Anita's Balm. And.. they are probably right. We have thought of several uses for our Winter Dry skin and beyond since receiving our first order. I have severely dry legs every winter. And.. my husband gets very dry hands. We have noticed a marked difference since we started using Anita's Balm. We were introduced to Anita's Balm after reading an article in the Gwinnett Daily Post. I immediately ordered a 4.0 oz jar... After realizing that the contents were rapidly declining, we placed an additional order for the roll-up, hair balm, and another 4.0 oz jar. Our package arrived yesterday along with a package intended for one our neighbors. The postman mistakenly had placed both packages in our mailbox. We took the package to our neighbor's house and thought it quite a coincidence that we had both ordered your product at about the same time.

Debbie N.


Jeff will probably just order some from you directly. His hands were terrible and they cleared up in 3 days. He is amazed!

Jennifer B.


Hi Anita,

I did email Sharon about your product & told her I'd buy it if she decides to carry it. Hopefully her price will be close to yours! Just to let you know, both my husband & I really like the balm very much.
I'm loving the lip balms too because I can carry one with me everywhere in my pocket & it does not seem to melt much. I am using it for my very dry nostrils & of course for my lips too.
I use the larger jar of balm for my feet every night & so does my husband! Best wishes for continued success with your fine product! You have 2 loyal customers here!



I've been fighting sore red scaly ugly patches on my ankles for years.
Dermatologist-directed steroids worked for a short time, but then the patches came
back (and spread to my hands!) I've been using Anita's Balm two or three times a day for a couple of weeks now and see a vast improvement.
I'm ordering more because I want the balm in my bathroom, next to my bed, and in my purse. That way I'll never have to go searching for it!

Fran S.


Oh my goodness. We just got the balm yesterday and I've used it on my two year old son twice. He has always had bumpy skin from eczema since he was a baby. His skin is almost completely cleared in just two applications!! I also have acutely dry scalp and after one application of the hair balm,I see a huge improvement. I can't wait to see the results of long term use!

Jana F.


Wow! I like this stuff it works great thanks!

Antonio Reed

Hi Anita,

I got the package yesterday and gave One jar to my daughter for my One yr old grandson. She started using it today and loves the feel of it. ...will order again.

Thank you for the promptness of sending out the order.

Cindy C.

Good Morning,

We just spoke a few minutes ago. I would like to order 6 more balm sticks to pick up on Friday.

Thank you , your product is a miracle worker. My daughter has suffered from eczema for so many years. I tried everything (prescription, over counter). Since she is going back to school on Saturday to Maine, I want to get her enough supplies for the winter.

Merci, Gracias, and Thank you,

Marie D. DeJ., M.Ed.

Hello Anita,

I applied your balm to Daniel's head on Monday for the first time. On Wednesday night he came to my place for treatment again and I noticed significant improvement. Yesterday my husband invited Daniel for some Russian style pea soup, and Daniel himself told me that he sees significant improvement. I looked at his head closely and saw absolutely clean scalp! He had that terrible dandruff for about 5 years!! He is applying the balm to problem spots on his face and there is improvement also. I will fly to New Orleans on Sunday to spend a couple of days and apply it to her hair also, as it thinned out terribly since she went to Emory in 2006 and stress is taking its toll. I will let you know the results.

Merry Christmas!



Hi Brian,

Yes it was delivered very quick.

I ordered 2 of the 1 oz balm and 3 lip balms. 1 lip balm and 1 oz balm is for myself. I ordered the other 1 oz. balm and the other 2 lip balms; 1 for my sister and, 1 for my mother who lives in Savannah.

All I can say is happy happy happy with my purchase. My lips have gotten very moist just from a weeks worth of use. I bought the 1 oz balm for my feet and it's unbelievable how good my heels look within a week of using these.

My sister and mother will be getting theirsí after Christmas time. They are going to start the new year off right using Anita's Balm!!! I heard about Anita's Balm when I was at doctor Sobelís office and picked up the Gwinnett Business Journal. I was very impressed with her and to the extent that she went for her children. My dad grew up having eczema really really bad and ended up never finding anything other than Avon silicone gloves that would help him.

I'm quickly going through my 1oz so my next order will definitely be the larger size. Be sure and tell Anita for me to keep up the good work and I hope to see her soon on television.

No question Anita, this is an accolade. I received a sample of your balm along with the ManPlow we ordered. Testing your balm was timely because I just moved from a humid climate to a cold dry climate. My fingers began peeling and producing hang nails. My thumb even cracked open. Then your balm arrived, and Iíve been using it ever since. My thumb is healed. THANKS! I will be a consumer of your product from now on. The marketing partnership with ManPlow was very effective in my case.

Michele Baca
Branch Manager | Disaster Recovery Facility
Expeditors International of Washington Inc.
11718 West 12th Avenue
Airway Heights, WA 99001
Tel 509-321-6819

I recieved your products and I love it!

Kiki F.
Hairdresser, Atlanta

I had a rash on my throat that would not go away.
Itís gone away and I am very pleased.

Jason Moss
CEO and President of Vote With Your Wallet Lawrenceville, Ga

It helps with the itching and dryness

Kevin H.
Lawrenceville, Ga.

It is working GREAT! I can tell a huge difference when Ryan uses it! If you need a testimonial write up for your product I would be happy to do so. NO MORE PEELING Lips!!! You might want to go on "Shark Tank".

Tracy S.
Lawrenceville, Ga