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                            Prevent and Soothe Dry Skin

Anita developed Anita's Balm to soothe the anquish of Eczema.

My son was born with this frustrating condition in 1998 and the doctors told me what NOT to use:
I tried natural things and he had reactions to them. I knew we needed to moisturize him and knew olive oil

would do it but it was messy to apply, so I added beeswax

to solidify and stabilize it.

He was my only customer for years and he is off all drugs commonly prescribed for eczema.  It worked well and was convenient, so people asked for it and we incorporated in late 2011 and now we have expanded to six products.

and now we have designed a unique biodegradeable package using 3D printing.

Please call or e-mail me to tell me about your skin and I will suggest products for you to get rapid relief for your dry skin.

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